Gesture Sketches in 3D

Study of Laura I and II

While teaching Figure Drawing at Merced College, I would hire the model to stay after class and ask him or her to hold a 20-minute gesture pose. I would cut directly into sheets of sculpture wax and squeeze the shapes together.  These are created quickly as a more literal interpretation of human proportions to help keep my eye trained - much like a sketch.

Study of Laura I

Inspired by Gesture Sketch # 18, I made this new variation called Study of Laura I in order to create a limited edition of 12.

11.5"H x 5"W x 8"D

Study of Laura II

Inspired by Gesture Sketch #19, I made this new variation called Study of Laura II in order to create a limited edition of 12.

5.5"H x 5"W x 12"D

‚ÄčThe Kiss  (1/1, original - 11" x 4" x 1.5"d, with walnut wood base, NFS)  and  The Kiss  (1/1, life-size variation - 20"x 18"x 12" - sold)                                         

I've always been attracted to iconic themes in Art History.  The Kiss has been reinvented by many famous artists including Rodin, Klimt, Brancusi, & Picasso among others.  This first version is a miniature and has helped inspire the rest in the series to follow. 

Decades later, I enlarged The Kiss to life-size proportions, including more details.  Symbolically, her profile is forever etched on his face ( in texture), and together they soar from a base representing a bird in flight, where one sees her profile again.  (unique cast /sold).  

Gesture Sketch #4 and Sea Shell Dreams

The seated figure's belly has a spiral symbolizing the infinity of new life and the drawn relief shows the same figure seated next to a spiral seashell on the beach.  In the Modest Collection.

Dancer  (limited edition)

14"h x 4.5"w x 2"d

Currently being enlarged to 28"h


I visualize a monumental version of her in front of a 

Performing Arts Center some day.

Dancer was inspired by my early years studying Ballet and enjoying the performances of the SF Ballet.  She is spinning on point, imaginary arms raised above, left leg bent behind her, but our eye can not focus on her whole form in motion, only the silhouette edge of her body, emphasized through abstracted minimal concave and convex form.

Jazz Turquoise

limited edition of 7

Early Works from the 1980's

Daydreams II


Seated Figure I

In the Artist's Collection