Various Public Works:  

V for Victorious

 In 2018, V was enlarged with the aid of a laser scanner and 3D printer.

V  for Victorious

Original In the Artist's Collection  

Unique Cast Bronze - 1987

31.5"H x 12"W x 5"D

Enlarged using a 3D Printer and cast at Artworks Foundry, Berkeley CA

Computer 3D Scan

22 individual plastic 3D printed sections were glued into 4 sections, dipped in wax, prepared ​for investment molds, burned-out in kilns, and then poured using the traditional bronze casting process.

V seen here, welded, chased, & polished, prior to a patina color applied.  The piece took one year to complete in 2018.

Now on display in the Courtyard at the El Capitan Hotel, Merced, CA.  A Joie de Vivre / Hyatt Hotel establishment.

Installed in 2021

63"H x 21"W x 12"D

Garden Parasol - Variation II

Merced College Learning Resource Center 

In 2017, Dr. Susan Walsh selected "Garden Parasol - Variation II"

to donate to the Merced College Library to commemorate both our upcoming retirements after many decades of service to Merced College. 

This is a smaller variation of Vessel of the Innocents III in a red patina color.

~ Mercy / UC Davis Cancer​ Center ~


Vessel of the Spirit 

In 2000, Marge McAuley and Family commissioned me to create a sculpture to honor her late husband Robert McAuley to

beautify the entryway atrium of the new 6.8 million dollar Mercy / UC Davis Cancer Center. 

Vessel of the Spirit

6'9" x 1'8" x 1'3"

The figure holds a vessel spilling forth a healing elixir.

Future Commissions 

- Public or Private -

Various works can be enlarged any scale using a laser scanner & 3D printer technology.

Parted II 

- Original in the Artist's Collection

31"H x 13"W x 3"D

Edition of 7 - sold out - in numerous collections world wide.

"Parted II" represents a couple who have separated.

It is the second variation on a similar work called "Parted".

I retain the original ARTIST'S PROOF of PARTED II for future commissions and retrospective exhibitions. 

A.P. can be scanned and enlarged to any scale. 

Future Commissions

- Past, Present, Future -

MEMORIES - Original in 1986 - Enlargement in 1996


19" x 8.5" x 3"

Edition of 7 - SOLD OUT


 7'4" x 2"10" x 12"

A unique copy was created in 1996 using a CAD (computer-aided design) program attached to a lathe that cut a 7' block of foam and then covered in fiberglass.  

Mixed Medium: fiberglass, gelcoat, foam, aluminum, steel, wood, & enamel 

Grand Opening of the MAC

The two were first displayed together at the grand opening of the Merced Multicultural Arts Center exhibition in 1996.

The fiberglass foam enlargement is very lite weight, which

makes this MEMORIES ideal for transportation to multiple exhibitions - no forklift needed.

For Sale - to be cast in bronze upon commission.

The bronze enlargement is for sale and would mirror 

the thin quality of the original piece rather than the 

thicker structure of the fiberglass enlargement. 

Or it can be enlarged any scale with the aid of a 3D printer.

All works displayed here are protected by Copyright Laws.