3D Laser and Printer Enlargements: 


This new technology opens NEW possibilities capable of 

making any work of art suitable for large public art commissions.

 In 2018, 'V for Victorious' was enlarged twice her scale with the aid of a laser scanner and 3D printer.

V  for Victorious

Original In the Artist's Collection  

Unique Cast Bronze - 1987

31.5"H x 12"W x 5"D

Laser scanned to create a digital footprint for 3D printer.

22 individual plastic 3D printed sections were glued into 4 sections (for ease of welding in bronze), dipped in hot sculpture wax to smooth texture & imperfectionsprepared ​for ceramic shell investment molds with base plate, burned-out in kiln, and then poured using the traditional bronze casting process.

5 figurative sections (including base) and two brass rods were welded together to match the original V, followed by grinding, sanding, polishing, and patina color.  The whole process took one year to complete in 2018.

Purchased by the El Capitan Hotel, Merced, CA 

A Joie de Vivre / Hyatt Hotel.

On display in the Courtyard Bar & Restaurant.

Installed in 2021

63"H x 21"W x 12"D